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Fwd: Re: [libunwind] status of x86_64

Some information about libunwind. It seems that they are working on improving libunwind, in different branches though. Do we have any plan to merge with their changes? Just be curious. :-)

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    Date: Wed, 02 Aug 2006 12:23:25 -0700
    From: Arun Sharma <>
Reply-To: Arun Sharma <>
 Subject: Re: [libunwind] status of x86_64
      To: George Lowe <>

George Lowe wrote:
What is the current state of support for x86_64?

I note that the most recent version is 0.98.5,
from April 2005.  If I understand correctly,
some patches for x86_64 have been proposed.
I have the following additional questions:

What is the state of these patches?
 >   How are they bundled?
 >   Does one need to apply a series of patches,
 >   or have the patches been collected into one
 >   large patch?

They're currently in this mercurial repository.

  Will these patches be integrated into
  the libunwind code?

davidm has reviewed most of them. There are a couple that are still under review.

  Can the x86_64 version be built as a
  static library to be used by a program
  for introspective purposes?

Yes. I would suggest compiling them with libatomic ops, for better performance.

has a tool called pprof which does basically this.

  Does the x86_64 version work with statically
  linked programs?

Not yet. With glibc_2.3.3 we're a step closer (dl_iterate_phdr works for statically linked programs). But libunwind can't get to the .eh_frame section needed to get the dwarf unwinding information.

I'm trying to work out an interface with the gcc folks so libunwind can
get to this info.


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Regards - Wu Zhou

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