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Eventviewer refactors.

A number of refactoring ideas for the eventviewer and the frysk monitor
have come up from yesterdays status meeting. Here is a break down of
these ideas and options.

1. Having an "all" processes view, so that users can see the
interactions between different processes. Easiest method is to add an
"all" selection to the process tree. (Assuming more than one process) I
believe I did some work on this before. One minor issue is that I have
no idea what to put for the PID column. Ideally I would leave it blank,
but I don't think I can do that (it defaults to 0? Which would just be

2.0 Removing the proc/thread tree and just having the eventviewer and
main log. This would look something like the attachment

This would be a large refactor as I would have to implement selecting
traces in the eventviewer in order to add right-click (secondary-click
for us left-handed people) menus to the traces  themselves rather than
in the tree-views.

In order to do this, we need some method of viewing individual processes
as well as the "big picture".

Option A is to have tabs, since the status widget is enclosed in a
notebook anyway, we can have multiple tabs, one for each process and one
for the "all" process mentioned above.

Option B is a little more complicated. We create just one status widget
with all of the processes, and allow the user to zoom in and re-arrange
processes, adjusting the size of each trace (and the number shown on
screen) and the order they are shown.

2.1 Removing just the thread tree view, would look like

So now for a show of opinions:

1. "All" process in process tree view: Yes or No, If no is there a
better way of showing the "big picture"?

2. Removing proc/thread view: Yes or No:
	If yes, replace with:
	A) Tabs
	B) Zooms
	If no, should we go with 2.1?

And my opinions:
1. Yes
2. Yes, replace with tabs at first, then zooms.

Attachment: frysk-monitor-no-tree-view.png
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Attachment: frysk-monitor-with-tree-view.png
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Attachment: frysk-monitor-proc-tree-view.png
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