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Re: Actions and Filters

On Mon, 2006-07-31 at 14:35 -0500, Phil Muldoon wrote:
> The big action I'd like to see (we've talked about this on irc) is to 
> run an external executable on observer fire.
> This requires thought on:
> 1) any security issues?
> 2) executable environment issues? (Or should we, like gnome-panel's just 
> "run" the executable)?
> The other thing we need to think about with custom actions, it how to 
> throttle the action to X per Y over time (once per hour for example, 
> lest we page a sysadmin a thousand times in 10 minutes ;)
> Regards
> Phil

Excellent points. 

The security issue is something I suspect we'll have to talk about as an
encompassing project goal anyways. I can't think of anything of anything
being done (off of the top of my head) which would be worse running
through this Action than anything else through the CLI or Frysk to begin
with. But that's how vulnerabilities begin, isn't it? =)

As far as the shell environment goes... this has led me to wonder about
integration with our Frysk Terminal. Its very likely we'll need a way
for the user to set environment variables, or even manipulate the output
from their custom script or binary. The fact that output is expected in
the first place is an indication that a terminal might be needed
somewhere in here.


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