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Re: Actions and Filters

The big action I'd like to see (we've talked about this on irc) is to run an external executable on observer fire.

This requires thought on:

1) any security issues?
2) executable environment issues? (Or should we, like gnome-panel's just "run" the executable)?

The other thing we need to think about with custom actions, it how to throttle the action to X per Y over time (once per hour for example, lest we page a sysadmin a thousand times in 10 minutes ;)



Mike Cvet wrote:
Hey all,

I've been working Frysk's Actions and Filters packages for the past
couple days. So far, this has resulted in the ability to raise multiple
Memory and Register windows independently of the SourceWindow via any
number of event Filters (new and old) available in custom observers.

To summarize; the available Filters are...
Filter by (for both Tasks and Processes, fork()ers and fork()ed):

Name of parent
Command-line options
Executable path
Exit value

Resulting in Actions:

Log custom event
Show source code
Add observer
Print current state
Show register values
Show memory space values

Currently I am working on allowing the user to execute an external
script or binary as a further Action.

If anyone has any suggestions for more Filters or Actions, please let me


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