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Re: debugging an existing process

Wu Zhou wrote:
I see that debugging existing process can be used now. So I give it some try. I am very happy to see that register/memory window work ok. The source window can also be opened in some situation. But I also have some comments/questions for this:

1. If the process has no debug information, you will see nothing in the source window; if the process is executing into some library function, you will also see nothing in the source window. So is it better for us to have some mechanism to differentiate these two different situation?

My suggestion is like this: if the current stack frame has no debuginfo, but the current process does have, we can show some message like this: "no debug information for this stack, but we do have debug information for this process, would you like to see the source for the process?".

This can give the user more choice to see the source code.
I agree, making a distinction between these two cases is an excellent idea. However we have no way of distinguishing between these cases at the moment. As soon as we can obtain a full stack backtrace we will be able to tell if there is a stack frame with debug information or not.
2. When the current stack frame has no debug information available, the current frysk view will display "unknown file: unknown function". In my opinion, it might be better to display the instruction address of the current stack.

Something to consider. I'll look into this
3. In the register view, if we can copy the value of some or all the registers' value, that will be helpful.
Again, something to consider.

4. The menu items in program tab are all disabled. Did this mean we can't control the process at this time?
Correct :)


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