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Test results of dogtail on PPC64. Thanks!

hi all,

We are using the example scripts in dogtail's rpm package to test
dogtail on ppc64.  The test results seems to be good, although we need
to make some modification to these scripts here and there.  We summarize
what we have tested as follows, wishing that this  can be helpful for
you to get a big picture of how dogtail works on ppc64. 

Software environment: 
 pyspi-0.5.4(required by dogtail)
 at-spi-1.7.7(required by dogtail)
 rpm-python-4.4.2(required by dogtail)
 Fedora Core 5(kernel:2.6.17-1.2139_FC5)

Hardware platform: PPC64

Summary of the test result:
 Total scripts: 22
 Succeeding scripts: 18 (all run well, we make some modification to the
                     test scripts though) 
 Failing scripts: 2 ( and
 Skipped scripts: 2 (the tested applications are not available on PPC64)

P.S: If anyone think the modification might be helpful, we're willing to
send the modification as one patch to you.

Thanks & best regards!

Yong Zheng
Linux on POWER toolchain, Linux Technology Center, China Systems &
Technology Lab China Development Labs, Beijing. 

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