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Re: Race condition with AckDaemonProcess

Adam Jocksch wrote:
I've been using AckDaemonProcess to write the test case for the stack trace work I've been doing, and I've recently stumbled upon an interesting race condition.

I'm telling AckDaemonProcess to launch a program called looper2 (that I've checked the source for into frysk-core/rt/tests/) that makes a few function calls to establish some sort of meaningful context, then signals Frysk to continue and busywaits while frysk attaches to it. When I build this file outside of the build system using just -g the daemon process returns right away and the test continues as normal. However since moving looper2 into the build system I find that the AckDaemonProcess constructor times out whenever the test case is run without logging. Running the test case with logging (i.e. with -c FINE) allows the test case to run normally again, which is what leads me to believe that there is a race condition somewhere.
Something must be causing it to miss or drop the ack signal :-/ Does it work when just that test is run from within the test framework? What does ftrace show?


I'll be looking into this, but if anyone has any insights they'd like to share they would be very welcome :)


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