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Re: [patch request] don't run ecj on auto generated files


I'm not personally warming to the idea for a number of reasons: one of the key reasons for putting the code through ECJ is that that compiler detects bad source that GCJ will accept and turn into bad code - even generated files are exposed to this risk; very shortly GCJ will switch to ECJ as it's front end and we'll be right back where we started; and too often a warning, even in generated code, indicates that there is a problem, even if it is with the generator (the other generated files don't have problems right?).

Since antlr is the real concern, can something more local be done? For instance, is there a newer antlr and is it any better? Or can the antlr warnings be handled another way? Howe aware is upstream of the issues?

antlr generates files which generate warnings from ecj, for example unreferenced variables. The current strategy is to use sed scripts to postprocess the sources. However, this is error prone and requires constant tweaking. Are there any objections to only running ecj on top_srcdir *.java files and not running ecj on top_builddir *.java files? I think this change would mostly effect antlr (Cpp*), but here is the entire list of autogenerated files:

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