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[Fwd: Re: Timeline widget]

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So me and Adam ran into conceptual problems with the time line
widget when we were doing the Source-Monitor integration brainstorm.
For example what do you do when a thread is paused do u stop the time
line since the thread is not executing (processor time), or continue since
real time is moving.

In my humble opinion I dont think that our users care about "time". What
they care about is which event happened before/after wich. The model I
have in mind is that of print statements. Imagine our time line as fancy way
of displaying prints in a program. so the time line does not move unless events
are fed into it. However we have to invent a mechanism to make sure that we
preserve the before/after relation of events across different time-lines within
the same "Debug Session".

So for example two threads of one process, the first thread receives a request
from the user, fires a "request received" event(A), and adds that event to a request
queue. Second thread checks queue, finds the request, picks it up and fires a
"request processed"(B) event. This is what the time-lines should look like:

Process        : ----------A----------B---------------
thread        : ----------A--------------------------
thread        : ---------------------B---------------
other timelines: -----------CDEFGHIJKL----------------

Please let me hear you comments and thoughts about this. I also wonder if this is more or
less obvious to users that the real-time-time-line :)

I'm also adding a thing to the custom scrollbar that displays a
background miniature histogram of the entire event set, in theory making
it easier for users to find "interesting" stuff when the main display is
only showing a subset of the events.
Wow! this would be really cool! Does that use cairo ? Here is a link to
a paper that i ran into in the Gnome Gournal:

and here is part 2:

I havent read them so i dont know if it is what you are looking for but
the pictures looked cool :D

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