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Re: utrace in rawhide

> Thanks for these information.  They explained well why I can't get my  
> ppc64 box boot up.  :-) I had also a test with the yesterday's kernel  
> build and had no luck yet.  One guy named DaveJ said that it might be  
> the problem of mkinitrd.  I hope that it will be fixed soon.

Same for me.  :-(

> Using these kernel, I can boot up x86.  But the scripts/mod/modpost  
> reports a "float point exception" when trying to build crash_suspend.o  
> into a kernel module.  I am trying to use modpost in other kernel  
> build, but with no luck too.

Check dmesg for errors.  These are things to report in a kernel bugzilla,
not to discuss in detail here.

> Good idea.  If I find any failure/difference, I will try to reduce  
> that to a small reproducible testcase.

That's very much appreciated.

> > The gdb test suite is the most thorough and moderately torturous test of
> > ptrace (and by extension, all my new utrace infrastructure code) I know of.
> > I've just written up detailed instructions for the folks doing new utrace
> > arch support, on setting up and running it, comparing the results, and
> > doing all the myriad biarch variations that can be tested.  If you get to
> > the stage of wanting to run the hard tests and scour painfully for the
> > obscure problems, I can send you the same details.
> I would like to.  Can you send me these detail?  Thanks.

I will.

> I had a ppc32 machine available.  But I am not sure if I can squeeze  
> some time to run test on it.  If time/resource is available, I will  
> have a test on that.

Great.  The rawhide ppc kernel should be easy enough to test with, modulo
the rawhide kernel being impossible to test with. ;-)


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