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Fwd: Re: Eventviewer Vertical

Sorry, forget to include frysk@ in the cc list.

Quoting Chris Moller <>:

The latest version--not up yet--has the legend in its own drawing area
above the chart.  It's not in the scrolled window, so it's always
visible, but it could also be on a button that makes it go away entirely
when it's not needed.

I like what is seen in the latest code: having the legend in its own drawing area and on the top, having the eventviewer horizontal. :-)

BTW, I can hardly see anything in eventviewer with the interval
setting default to 10.  I had to modify that to a much larger number
to see the effect.  What is your situatoin there?  Do we need to
modify that default value to a larger one?

Andrew Cagney mumbled something on 07/07/2006 01:29 PM:
Nurdin Premji wrote:
Here is a screen shot of what the frysk eventviewer could look like if
it was vertical. (I also tried showing what tasks being dotted before
they existed would look like)

Yes, I actually prefer vertical.  My only thought is to move the index
or key to either the top or bottom, and perhaps have a way of
shrinking it out-of-view.  That way there's even more real-estate.


Regards - Wu Zhou

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Regards - Wu Zhou

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