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Re: contrasting elfutils debuginfod and clr-debug-info server

On 2/7/2020 1:06 AM, Mark Wielaard wrote:
Some contrasts in a tabular form:

                     clear-linux                                elfutils

indexed             by filename                                by buildid
client side sw      fuse server                                apprx. none
server side sw      plain file server                          debuginfod
server side disk    unpacked, unified-namespace layout         orig pkg set
multi-version       maybe, if /usr/src/XXXX filenames unique   no problem

When using newer rpm then the filenames should be unique:

But I am not sure how it would handle multiple versions of

since all tools ask for those by buildid those actually work even easier

multi-arch          req. separate servers                      no problem
multi-distro        req. separate servers                      one server ok

One of the use cases of debuginfod is working with local/team builds
for binaries not packaged by a distro. How does clear-linux handle that?

we allow for multiple URLs on the client side
(this is also how we do mirrors/etc)

supporting mirrors/CDN/... for the common files is imho almost more critical as supporting
multi-distro kind of things.. so a table like this should have a line for that.

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