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Re: contrasting elfutils debuginfod and clr-debug-info server

On 2/5/2020 9:32 AM, Frank Ch. Eigler wrote:
Hi -

Through some comments on phoronix [0], just became (re?)aware of the
neat clear-linux debuginfo server facility [1].  It's similar to the
nixos one we have mentioned before in that it relies on a local fuse
server expose remote debuginfo artifacts under /usr/src,
/usr/lib/debug etc.  to local tools.  The server side relies on a web
server [2] that has a carefully unpacked, unified-namespace tree of
all the artifacts into individual .tar files.  This has some
pros/cons, naturally.

Some contrasts in a tabular form:

                     clear-linux                                elfutils

indexed             by filename                                by buildid

actually the clear side provides both build id and filename, the tools on the client
(gdb and the like) try buildid first, and fall back to filename, and we just do both

one of our requirements was that the server side is just "flat http files" so that no
active components exist on the server (so that CDNs and mirrors scale this out with low

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