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elfutils 0.178 released

ELFUTILS 0.178 -

A new release of elfutils is available at:

* NEWS *

debuginfod: New server, client tool and library to index and fetch
            ELF/DWARF files addressed by build-id through HTTP.

doc: There are now some manual pages for functions and tools.

backends: The libebl libraries are no longer dynamically loaded through
          dlopen, but are now compiled into directly.

readelf: -n, --notes now takes an optional "SECTION" argument.
         -p and -x now also handle section numbers.
         New option --dyn-sym to show just the dynamic symbol table.

libcpu: Add RISC-V disassembler.

libdw: Abbrevs and DIEs can now be read concurrently by multiple
       threads through the same Dwarf handle.

libdwfl: Will try to use debuginfod when installed as fallback to
         retrieve ELF and DWARF debug data files by build-id.


Aaron Merey (1):
  debuginfod 1/2: client side

Andreas Schwab (2):
  dwelf_elf_e_machine_string: Clear errno before calling strtol skip if free memory information is not available

Ben Woodard (1):
  Begin adding some docs to elfutils

Dmitry V. Levin (2):
  config/ package eu-elfclassify
  elflint, readelf: enhance error diagnostics

Frank Ch. Eigler (5):
  debuginfod 2/2: server side
  debuginfod 3/3: client interruptability
  debuginfod 4: symbolic link traversal mode
  debuginfod 5: add /metrics endpoint
  debuginfod: Tweak groom cycle for memory freeing

Jonathon Anderson (6):
  libdw: fix latent bug in dwarf_getcfi.c not setting default_same_value.
  Add some supporting framework for C11-style atomics.
  libdw: Rewrite the memory handler to be thread-safe.
  libdw: Don't free uninitialized Dwarf_Abbrev_Hash's of "fake" CUs.
  Add configure options for Valgrind annotations.
  libdw: Rewrite the memory handler to be more robust.

Mark Wielaard (24):
  readelf: Add optional "SECTION" argument for --notes.
  libasm: Link against libebl_pic.a.
  tests: Use smaller self test files.
  nm: Fix latent memory leak in show_symbols.
  readelf: Actually dump hex or strings when -p or -x get section number.
  config: Fix spec file, add manpages and new GFDL license.
  tests: Add new riscv64 test files to EXTRA_DIST
  libcpu: Make sure left shifts are done in unsigned context.
  libebl: Don't install libebl.a, libebl.h and remove backends from spec.
  readelf: Add --dyn-sym option.
  unstrip: Add various checks for bad input data.
  unstrip: Add sanity check for bogus sh_offset of allocated sections.
  unstrip: Don't try to write extra bogus versym data.
  libcpu: Fix bounds checks and replace asserts with errors.
  unstrip: Check symbol strings are terminated.
  libdw: Introduce libdw_unalloc to stop Dwarf_Abbrev leaks.
  debuginfod: add client context
  tests: Use in instead of localhost.
  debuginfod: Add found_{executable,debuginfo,sourcerefs}_total metrics.
  tests: Don't sleep in, but wait till ready.
  elfutils.spec: Add BuildRequires: curl
  Fix BUILD_STATIC build and enable gcov for debuginfod.
  Prepare for 0.178 Sync with fedora spec, remove rhel/fedora specifics.

Omar Sandoval (7):
  Add elfclassify to .gitignore
  libebl: remove unnecessary variable in
  libcpu: merge libcpu_{i386,x86_64,bpf} into one library
  Add PIC and non-PIC variants of libcpu and libebl
  Don't use dlopen() for libebl modules
  libdwfl: don't bother freeing frames outside of dwfl_thread_getframes
  libdwfl: only use thread->unwound for initial frame

Srđan Milaković (1):
  libdw: Add and use a concurrent version of the dynamic-size hash table.

Ulrich Drepper (2):
  Implement RISC-V disassembler
  Fix whitespaces in RISC-V disasm code

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