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elfutils 0.176 released

ELFUTILS 0.176 -

A new release of elfutils is available at:

* NEWS *

build: Add new --enable-install-elfh option.
       Do NOT use this for system installs (it overrides glibc elf.h).

backends: riscv improved core file and return value location support.

Fixes CVE-2019-7146, CVE-2019-7148, CVE-2019-7149, CVE-2019-7150,
      CVE-2019-7664, CVE-2019-7665


Jim Wilson (3):
  RISC-V: Improve riscv64 core file support.
  RISC-V: Add initial return value location support.
  RISC-V: Add untested 32-bit core file support.

Mark Wielaard (23):
  config/ Need to make before make dist.
  Add -Wtrampolines to CFLAGS.
  libelf: Get alignment correct when calling conversion functions.
  tests: Call test_cleanup in check_unsupported.
  libdw: Enable building with -Og.
  libdwfl: Fix relocation overlap sanity check.
  tests: Improve backtrace-data SKIP message.
  libebl: Fix reading GNU_PROPERTY_STACK_SIZE reading from 32bit notes.
  libebl: Check GNU property note pr_datasz fits inside note description.
  libelf: Correct overflow check in note_xlate.
  libebl: Check NT_PLATFORM core notes contain a zero terminated string.
  libdwfl: Sanity check partial core file dyn data read.
  libdw: Check terminating NUL byte in dwarf_getsrclines for dir/file table.
  readelf: Don't go past end of line data reading unknown opcode parameters.
  strip: Fix check test for SHN_XINDEX symbol.
  libebl: Check GNU property note data padding fits inside note.
  tests: Remove assert (errno == 0) from tests.
  configure: Add new --enable-install-elfh option.
  readelf: Check there is enough data to read DWARF line opcodes arguments.
  libdw: Check there is enough space for CU 64bit length, version and type.
  libelf: Make sure ar_size is terminated when reading ar long names.
  Prepare for 0.176
  s390: elflint should check if _GLOBAL_OFFSET_TABLE_ points to .got.

Ulf Hermann (2):
  Skip test if built without bzip2
  tests: Use separate files for strip outputs

Yonghong Song (2):
  libdwfl: parse inode in /proc/pid/maps correctly
  tests: parse inode in /proc/pid/maps/correctly in

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