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[Bug backends/23213] New: ho

[Bug general/23320] Incorrect usage of sizeof

[Bug general/23320] New: Incorrect usage of sizeof

[Bug libdw/23301] free on unitialized value

[Bug libdw/23301] New: free on unitialized value

[Bug spam/23213] ho

[Bug tools/23100] dwarflint -vs- DW_AT_alignment

[Bug tools/23100] New: dwarflint -vs- DW_AT_alignment

[Bug tools/23173] eu-addr2line does not flush its output, causing problems when used from a script

[Bug tools/23173] New: eu-addr2line does not flush its output, causing problems when used from a script

[Bug tools/23247] New: Segfault in 0.171 RC1 release candidate

[Bug tools/23247] Segfault in 0.171 RC1 release candidate

[Bug tools/23248] armv7l: dwarf_getsrclines.c:362:37: error: argument 1 value '4294967288' exceeds maximum object size 2147483647 [-Werror=alloc-size-larger-than=]

[Bug tools/23248] New: armv7l: dwarf_getsrclines.c:362:37: error: argument 1 value '4294967288' exceeds maximum object size 2147483647 [-Werror=alloc-size-larger-than=]

[COMMITTED] __libdw_cu_addr_base: Cast offset to uintptr_t before returning as pointer.

[COMMITTED] libdw: Make sure to initialize Dwarf_CU addr_base and str_off_base.

[COMMITTED] libelf: Sync elf.h from glibc.

[COMMITTED] Mark __libdw_find_split_unit mark as internal_function.

[COMMITTED] Prepare for 0.173

[COMMITTED] readelf: Fix 32bit compile issues.

[COMMITTED] readelf: Fix advance_pc to use op_addr_advance, not just op_advance.

[COMMITTED] readelf: Lookup "no" translation for no_str, not "yes".

[COMMITTED] readelf: Only lookup files and show errors in attr_callback when not silent.

[COMMITTED] tests: Drop shared libraries from self_test_files_exe.

[COMMITTED] tests: Test readelf --debug-dump=[decoded]line with min_inst_len > 1.

[elfutils-htdocs] Updated coverage (script)

[PATCH 1/2] libdw: Make sure that address_size and offset_size are 4 or 8 bytes.

[PATCH 2/2] readelf: Turn format_print_dwarf into print_dwarf_addr.

[PATCH v2] backends,bpf: add proper relocation support

[PATCH v2] elflint: fix typo in error diagnostics

[PATCH] aarch64: Add default cfi rule to restore SP from CFA address.

[PATCH] Add support for RISC-V

[PATCH] addr2line: Add explicit fflush for stdout when reading from stdin.

[PATCH] backends,bpf: add proper relocation support

[PATCH] backends: add abi_cfi and register_info callbacks for RISC-V

[PATCH] backends: add checks for _GLOBAL_OFFSET_TABLE_ and __global_pointer$ on riscv

[PATCH] elflint: fix typo in error diagnostics

[PATCH] libdw, readelf: Don't handle DW_FORM_data16 as expression block/location.

[PATCH] libdw, readelf: Handle .debug_*.dwo section name variants.

[PATCH] libdw: Add dwarf_next_lines to read .debug_line tables without CUs.

[PATCH] libdw: Add GNU DebugFission attributes, tags, forms and operands.

[PATCH] libdw: Add new dwarf_cu_info function.

Re: [PATCH] libdw: Add support for reading DW_FORM_addrx[1234] in .debug_addr.

Re: [PATCH] libdw: Add support for reading DW_FORM_strx[1234] in .debug_str_offsets.

[PATCH] libdw: aggregate_size check NULL result from get_type.

[PATCH] libdw: Allow .debug_frame only Dwarf.

[PATCH] libdw: Break dwarf_aggregate_size recursion because of type cycles.

[PATCH] libdw: Break long or circular DIE ref chains in dwarf_[has]attr_integrate.

[PATCH] libdw: Cache ELF directory early. Explicitly set it in dwfl.

[PATCH] libdw: Check DIE address fall inside the CU before reading abbrev code.

[PATCH] libdw: Check validity of dwarf_getabbrev arguments.

[PATCH] libdw: Detect bad DWARF in store_implicit_value.

[PATCH] libdw: Don't crash on invalid die in dwarf_dieoffset.

[PATCH] libdw: Don't leak arange if we cannot figure out which CU it belongs to.

[PATCH] libdw: dwarf_get_units find split units from .dwo.

[PATCH] libdw: dwarf_get_units should handle existing failure to open Dwarf.

[PATCH] libdw: dwarf_peel_type break long chains/cycles.

[PATCH] libdw: Explicitly check we could decode diridx in dwarf_getsrclines.

[PATCH] libdw: Fix crashing on illegal/zero Dwarf_Die.

[PATCH] libdw: Fix memory corruption in libdw_find_split_unit.

[PATCH] libdw: Fix overflow warning on 32bit systems with GCC8 in dwarf_getsrclines.

[PATCH] libdw: Handle .debug_loclists in dwarf_getlocation.

[PATCH] libdw: Handle .debug_rnglists in dwarf_ranges.

[PATCH] libdw: Handle all address FORMs for dwarf_highpc, handle errors better.

[PATCH] libdw: Handle bogus CU length in dwarf_nextcu.

[PATCH] libdw: Handle DW_FORM_[ref|strp]_sup[48] as DW_FORM_GNU_[ref|strp]_alt.

[PATCH] libdw: Handle DW_FORM_line_strp.

[PATCH] libdw: Handle DWARF5 line tables in dwarf_getsrclines.

[PATCH] libdw: Handle GNU DebugFission split ranges.

[PATCH] libdw: Handle split dwarf debuglines.

[PATCH] libdw: Handle split Dwarf Dies in dwarf_die_addr_die.

[PATCH] libdw: Make __libdw_dieabbrev more robust on failure.

[PATCH] libdw: Make sure dirarray is always properly freed in dwarf_getsrclines.

[PATCH] libdw: Make sure id_path can contain max number of build id bytes.

[PATCH] libdw: Recognize GNU DebugFission split units.

[PATCH] libdw: Recognize zero terminator to end frame table in dwarf_next_cfi.

[PATCH] libdw: Remove dwarf_getscn_info from libdw.h and libdw.map.

[PATCH] libdw: Report error in dwarf_getlocation_die for bogus opcode offset.

[PATCH] libdw: Restructure address range reading for .debug_loc and .debug_ranges.

[PATCH] libdw: Return an error in dwarf_getlocation_attr for missing .debug_addr.

[PATCH] libdw: Search skeleton DIE for split compile unit DIE attributes.

[PATCH] libdw: Support DW_OP_addrx/constx and split DWARF addrx/constx support.

[PATCH] libdw: Try both the relative and absolute paths when finding a .dwo file.

[PATCH] libdwfl: Allow partial relocations also for debug files.

[PATCH] libdwfl: Handle unwind frame when the return address register isn't set.

[PATCH] libdwfl: Make __libdwfl_addrsym a static function in dwfl_module_addrsym.c

[PATCH] libebl: Add new DWARF5 debug section names to default_debugscn_p.

[PATCH] libelf: Don't return unaligned data returned from elf_getdata[_rawchunk].

[PATCH] libelf: Sync elf.h from glibc

[PATCH] Prepare for 0.171.

[PATCH] Prepare for 0.172.

[PATCH] readelf handle .debug_addr section.

[PATCH] readelf, libdw: Add GNU DebugFission .debug_loc support.

[PATCH] readelf, libdw: Handle DWARF5 .debug_macro.

[PATCH] readelf, libdw: Handle too many directories or files in the line table better.

[PATCH] readelf: Add .debug_rnglists support.

[PATCH] readelf: Add DWARF5 .debug_line support.

[PATCH] readelf: Always initialize .debug_addr unit_length, even without a header.

[PATCH] readelf: Calculate max_entries instead of needed bytes (and overflowing).

[PATCH] readelf: Call __fsetlocking (stdout, FSETLOCKING_BYCALLER).

[PATCH] readelf: Check there are at least 4 bytes available for DWARF_FORM_block4.

[PATCH] readelf: Deal with combined normal and split dwarf DebugFission .debug_loc.

[PATCH] readelf: Don't allocate string with asprintf, but reuse buffer with sprintf.

[PATCH] readelf: Don't leak lengths array when detecting an invalid hash chain.

[PATCH] readelf: Find skeleton units when inspecting split .dwo (--dwarf-skeleton).

[PATCH] readelf: Fix .debug_types printing with implicit section_info.

[PATCH] readelf: Fix bounds check in print_form_data.

[PATCH] readelf: Fix regression with multiple files and implicit debug_info reading.

[PATCH] readelf: Handle .debug_info first if any other debug section needs it.

[PATCH] readelf: Handle .debug_line_str section.

[PATCH] readelf: Handle .debug_loclists.

[PATCH] readelf: Handle .debug_str_offsets.

[PATCH] readelf: Handle signedness of DW_FORM_implicit_const and DW_AT_const_value.

[PATCH] readelf: Lookup gettext "yes" and "no" only once.

[PATCH] readelf: Make room for DW_MACRO_hi_user opcode if used.

[PATCH] readelf: Make sure print_form_data always consumes DW_FORM_strx[1234] data.

[PATCH] readelf: print split CUs when given --debug-dump=info+

[PATCH] readelf: Return correct readp (or readendp) from print_form_data.

[PATCH] readelf: Set begin properly for DW_LLE_GNU_start_end_entry on addrx failure.

[PATCH] readelf: Use correct listptr when looking up next loc for locview attr.

[PATCH] readelf: Use raw section data if nothing is available through libdw.

[PATCH] readelf: While printing .debug_loc make sure that next_off doesn't overflow.

[PATCH] tests: Don't assert on bad DW_OP_GNU_parameter_ref target in varlocs.

[PATCH] tests: Fix cfi_debug_bias assert in varlocs.

[PATCH] tests: Limit varlocs print_expr_block recursion depth.

[PATCH] tests: Run run-low_high_pc.sh testcase on split dwarf files.

[PATCH] tests: Split self_test_files into an exe, lib and obj list.

[PATCH] tests: Use error, not assert, when trying to print a non-base type DIE.


dwarf_begin_elf() won't create handle without .debug_* sections

dwarf_next_cfi returns -1

elfutils 0.171 released

elfutils 0.172 released

elfutils 0.173 released

get backtrace of KVM VM from host

On demand static/shared libs and binary linkage

Re: Relative path X full path

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