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Re: question about add a new arch support into eCos release version wrote:
Hi, eCos maintainers,

I am in charge of porting eCos to a new architecture of hardware Score series mcu. Whose instruction is Score+7, is developped by

Sunplus Corp in Taiwan China( Now the eCos kernel and redboot (gdb stub) are all runnable. can I contribute the Score arch code to

the eCos release repository? (by the way, We can assign the copyright to GPL, the arch code we write is strictly follow the eCos code


That would be great, thanks. We always welcome new contributions. I already sent a message earlier this month to a colleague of yours about how to do this. Here's the relevant content again:

A guide to submitting changes to eCos is here: <>. Although in fact some of what is described at that link has been overtaken by very recent events, so that instead of assigning copyright to eCosCentric, it is now required to assign copyright to the Free Software Foundation (FSF). This copyright assignment is a requirement in order for the FSF to defend eCos from license abuses.

To request an assignment form, please fill in the form in the following link and e-mail it to <>:

I hope this helps,

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