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Configtool patch for wxWidgets 2.6.x

Hi Andy

John Dallaway wrote:

> Andy Jackson wrote:
>> Apologies for the late response. Patches to enable Configtool
>> compilation with wxWidgets 2.6.x can be found at our web site:
>> in the Downloads section. My build environment is Cygwin, so your
>> mileage may vary, however if they prove stable, then I will submit them
>> for inclusion in the repository.
> Thank you for the pointer to your configtool patches. I will review
> these shortly. The patch for building against wxWidgets 2.6.x is
> particularly welcome...

I have finally tracked down an obscure issue with running the eCos
Configuration Tool on Linux using wxWidgets 2.6.x and your
ct_wx260.patch. Due to the size of your patch, a copyright assignment
will be required before I can check it in. A guide to copyright
assignment for eCos is available at:

However, some of the detail on that page has now been made obsolete by
very recent events. Instead of assigning copyright to eCosCentric, it is
now required to assign copyright to the Free Software Foundation (FSF).
This copyright assignment is a requirement in order for the FSF to
defend eCos from license abuses.

To request an assignment form, please fill in the form in the following
link and e-mail it to <>:

Thank you for the contribution!

John Dallaway

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