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Re: Apply cvs commit account wrote:
Dear all:

Our company name is Sunplus Co.Ltd, a consumed electronic product company.
It mainly produces PMP, MMP and DVB product and so on.
url: and

Fist of all,We are now porting eCos kernel to our EVB named
on the ohter hand, We are porting a new architecture,it is sunplus
And we are glad to share our work and make some donations, so we just want
to commit our modifications to public cvs.
plese tell us how to apply for and what we are provide.

That's great. Thanks for contributing back.

We don't normally give out CVS access directly, at least not until we know more about the quality of the contributor's work. A guide to submitting changes to eCos is here: <>. Although in fact some of what is described at that link has been overtaken by very recent events, so that instead of assigning copyright to eCosCentric, it is now required to assign copyright to the Free Software Foundation (FSF). This copyright assignment is a requirement in order for the FSF to defend eCos from license abuses.

To request an assignment form, please fill in the form in the following link and e-mail it to <>:

Hope this helps,

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Barnwell House, Barnwell Drive, Cambridge, UK.       Tel: +44 1223 245571
Registered in England and Wales: Reg No 4422071.
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