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Re: Cortex/STM32 Port

Hello Simon,

I am just wondering which tool chain you used ( for STM32Eval) ?

I am going through this <>. 
Just want to be in the same page as yours.

Kishore Srimat

Paul J THACKER wrote:
> Hi Simon,
> Thanks for the response.
> Simon Kallweit wrote:
>>> I saw in the archives that an ECOS port for the STM32 is underway.
>>> Our group at STMicroelectronics is just about to undertake the same
>>> thing.
>>> If this port is still active, please contact me on this list or
>>> privately by email.
>> Yeah, the port is still active. I just got distracted for other
>> projects recently, so work has been rather slow. Anyway, it would
>> definitely make sense to concentrate on a common port, instead of
>> everybody starting their own :) 
> Agreed!
> I have already done the following:
>> * added new "cortexm" architecture, descended from the arm
>> architecture, adapted startup and initialization code
>> * added "stm32" variant, with stm3210e as the first platform
>> * implemented diagnostics (uart), realtime clock (systick), interrupt
>> api (nvic + ext), gpio api etc.
>> * implemented uart and flash drivers
> Sounds like you've made a lot of progress. Kishore (Parlerlamudi, on
> copy) will be doing the bulk of the work on our end. I'll help out
> when time permits. Our goal is to create a WiFi platform base on the
> STM3210E-EVAL board. The first step (beyond the basic port) is to
> write a driver for an ethernet daughtercard to verify the BSD-based
> TCP/IP stack in ECOS.
>> What is still missing is proper interrupt handling and context
>> switching, as I still not quite got my head around it. So, help would
>> be really welcome. Also, there is lots of lack in the GDB stub area,
>> as well as several other "basic" features, such as running code from
>> ram entierly, etc. I also ran into a few issues with the toolchain
>> lately, as it seems to link incorrectly sometimes, but I didn't have
>> the time yet to investigate more.
>> Anyway, most of the basics are in place and usable. You can access
>> the current repository at
>> Please feel free and checkout the sources, and give me some feedback.
>> Oyvind Harboe from Zylin has suggested that we move the repository to
>> ecosforge. This might be a good idea, if more people are interested
>> in working on this. I could also give single users write privileges,
>> thats not a problem. 
> Thanks, we'll do a checkout and take a look.
> Also please note that anyone working on the code should
>> get an FSF copyright assignment as soon as possible. This is
>> absolutely necessary to get the port into the official eCos
>> repository, which has to be of high priority in my opinion. I for
>> myself already got an assignment.
> I'll look into this.
>> I should be available for eCos development again in about 1-2 days.
>> Best regards
>> Simon
> Best Regards,
> Paul

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