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Re: Cortex/STM32 Port

I saw in the archives that an ECOS port for the STM32 is underway. Our group at STMicroelectronics is just about to undertake the same thing.

If this port is still active, please contact me on this list or privately by email.

Yeah, the port is still active. I just got distracted for other projects recently, so work has been rather slow. Anyway, it would definitely make sense to concentrate on a common port, instead of everybody starting their own :) I have already done the following:

* added new "cortexm" architecture, descended from the arm architecture, adapted startup and initialization code
* added "stm32" variant, with stm3210e as the first platform
* implemented diagnostics (uart), realtime clock (systick), interrupt api (nvic + ext), gpio api etc.
* implemented uart and flash drivers

What is still missing is proper interrupt handling and context switching, as I still not quite got my head around it. So, help would be really welcome. Also, there is lots of lack in the GDB stub area, as well as several other "basic" features, such as running code from ram entierly, etc. I also ran into a few issues with the toolchain lately, as it seems to link incorrectly sometimes, but I didn't have the time yet to investigate more.

Anyway, most of the basics are in place and usable. You can access the current repository at

Please feel free and checkout the sources, and give me some feedback. Oyvind Harboe from Zylin has suggested that we move the repository to ecosforge. This might be a good idea, if more people are interested in working on this. I could also give single users write privileges, thats not a problem. Also please note that anyone working on the code should get an FSF copyright assignment as soon as possible. This is absolutely necessary to get the port into the official eCos repository, which has to be of high priority in my opinion. I for myself already got an assignment.

I should be available for eCos development again in about 1-2 days.

Best regards

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