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Re: SMP on Intel x86

Of course it can probably be fixed, but that is several weeks work.

There is also a question of suitability. eCos is intended for small,
cheap, low power embedded devices. Anything with a Core 2 duo in it
will have plenty of RAM, peripherals, graphics, and high power
consumption. Most likely a PC motherboard. It would make more sense to
run an embedded Linux on that than put the effort in to getting eCos

We have been using eCos since 2002. There was little for embedded OS's that where as powerful as eCos back then. We would like to continue to use it, but may be forced to an embedded Linux as the hardware changes are forcing us to a dual CPU.
We would like to test the SMP on eCos. For now we can just get the info from the ACPI table by hand and try the code. I have been doing some investigation and find that setting the interrupt and starting the CPU may be different now. Could you shed some light on this?


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