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Embedded Software Engineer @ eCosCentric


eCosCentric currently has a position available for an embedded software
engineer to join the team. This is a unique opportunity to work
alongside the original developers and maintainers of the eCos open
source RTOS, and gain experience in operating systems and related system
software development on a wide variety of embedded hardware.

Position: Embedded Software Engineer
Salary:   £25-£40k (depending on experience)
Location: Cambridge, UK


    * To port eCosPro to various platforms and architectures
    * To port and develop new device drivers
    * To maintain and extend operating system related packages including
      libraries, file systems, networking, and communications
    * To maintain and extend the eCosPro host tools
    * To provide support and training directly to our customers

Key Skills

    * C and C++ programming languages
    * Assembly language programming
    * Device driver development
    * GNU development tools (gcc, gdb)
    * Knowledge of embedded programming and bringing up hardware
    * Basic knowledge of analogue and digital electronics
    * Proficiency in reading hardware design documents and specifications

Desirable Skills

    * eCos RTOS and RedBoot bootloader internals
    * eCos application development experience
    * Eclipse IDE
    * Java programming
    * Tcl scripting
    * GNU linker scripts
    * JTAG/BDM debug hardware
    * ARM, ColdFire, MIPS, PowerPC, x86 architectures
    * UART, Ethernet, flash, USB, I2C, SPI, SD and related peripherals
    * TCP/IP internals and related protocols
    * File system internals and block devices

Useful Attributes

    * Candidate should have a flexible ("can do") attitude in assisting
      our customers with their product development
    * The ideal candidate should be willing to travel occasionally for
      delivery of on-site training and engineering support
    * UK/EU citizen or person holding a valid UK work permit

Contact: <>, providing a
CV/Resume                    The eCos Experts
  Visit us on stand 905 at the Embedded Systems Show 2008
  Oct 1-2, NEC, Birmingham, UK 

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