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Re: GCC 4.3.2 toolchains for arm, cortex, mips, powerpc

On Fri, Sep 26, 2008 at 9:38 AM, Sergei Gavrikov <> wrote:
> Øyvind Harboe wrote:
>> I've been toying around with building GCC toolchains(as one does...).
>> They are ready for testing if anyone is interested:
>> Feedback welcome!
> Øyvind, thank you for your contribution. Before to start download I read
> a point on the page:
>  The binaries contain the authoritative source of what build options
>  that were used.

Yes. Run gcc -v.

As in "authortative" meaning that if I wrote something on the web
page, the actual options used *could* be different. Cycle times
to do these sort of builds are *long* so it is something I tinker
with occasionally.

> Does it mean what everyone can find all build options (and patches if
> any one were applied) inside the bloat archives to replicate your builds
> from GNU sources? Is there a guide how to build the stuff in the
> archives? Like as an official eCos guide:

Nope. I'm still learning here... I may write up some more once I get
better hang of this whole building GCC thing... The link above is
one of the more useful links that I found though.

> If it does mean, can you please to public 'the authoritative source'? in
> text/html form on your web? Thank you.

You can download them from the GCC mirrors, why would you want
them from Zylin?

Don't you know where the GCC mirrors are?

Øyvind Harboe
ARM7 ARM9 XScale Cortex
JTAG debugger and flash programmer

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