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receiving of CAN messages doesn't work when debugging through ethernet

I am facing to strange problem. When I debug my board by GDB through
ethernet the receiving of CAN messages doesn't work. I believe that it
is lost interrupt issue, because received CAN messages are
acknowledged by this board. Furthermore I found out that when I
execute and debug the same application through serial cable it works
fine and receives all messages. Also CTRL-C doesn't work in GDB when
debugging through ethernet. I tried to create a new thread which would
dump periodically CAN registers when CTRL-C doesn't work. But when
this thread call cyg_thread_delay(), it is indefinitely blocked in
this function. Both the CTRL-C and cyg_thread_delay() work fine when
debugged through serial cable.

My platform is Olimex LPC-L2294, ethernet device is CS8900 and I use
redboot GDB stubs.

What is in my configuration wrong? Any hint is appreciated.

Bronislav Gabrhelik

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