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Re: Re: eCos Wifi/WPA support

> Chris Zimman writes:
> > Grant Edwards wrote:
> > A module with a PCI or PCI-express interface would suffice, but I
> > would need HW specs sufficient for writing a driver.
> Maybe one of the Realtek parts would work OK for you then.  There are
> open source drivers in the Linux kernel for those.
> > The availability of open-source drivers may not be important (though
> > it would be nice if they were open-source).
> It's not just a matter of open source vs. closed source.  Said vendors
> Simply won't even discuss the parts with you, let alone sell them or
> give docs.
> WiFi parts are generally referred to as 'non catalog' (eg. you can't
> get them via distribution).  They are only available direct to high
> volume customers.
> > That would be a problem.  My volumes (a few thousand a year) are
> > definitely not "serious" by IC vendor standards.
> Honestly, you are probably better off going with a mini-PCI card (or
> Whatever is closest for the form factor you're targeting).  You have a
> lot of options there and your chances of getting something working are
> much better.  If you're doing something embedded where PCI isn't an
> option, you might have some luck going with a WiFi module vendor
> (Wi2Wi etc.), 

So, there are 2 ways to get eCos WiFi driven devices: either upgrade HW
to the linux battteries (= *PCI) or downgrade... to the PIC interfaces
(= RC232*) if you can use clever WiFi module there. For the "downgrade"
way, you can look at WIZ-600Wi module, for example, from WIZNET. It has
both MII and RS232 :) interfaces and some firmware binary for download[2]=2&page=1&num=57


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