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Re: eCos Wifi/WPA support

On 2008-09-16, Chris Zimman <> wrote:

> Honestly, you are probably better off going with a mini-PCI
> card (or Whatever is closest for the form factor you're
> targeting).  You have a lot of options there and your chances
> of getting something working are much better.

We've been more-or-less assuming we'd have to go with something
like a mini-PCI card.  What we're trying to get a handle on is
how much work it will be to get one working under eCos assuming
we have either interface specs or an open-source Linux/BSD/xxxx
driver to work from.

> If you're doing something embedded where PCI isn't an option,
> you might have some luck going with a WiFi module vendor
> (Wi2Wi etc.), but they typically will insist on writing the
> driver for your platform (eg.  typically some $$$ involved)
> and giving you the binary.

Thanks.  I'll keep that in mind as well.

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