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Re: eCos Wifi/WPA support

On 2008-09-16, Andrew Dyer <> wrote:
> On Tue, Sep 16, 2008 at 5:30 PM, Grant Edwards <> wrote:
>>> There are a handful of newer parts with either open or reverse
>>> engineered interfaces one could start from, but it's a
>>> non-trivial effort.
>> I think we can assume that the interface spec for the Wifi chip
>> would be available from the manufacturer.  I can't imagine a
>> vendor expecting to get a design win without providing specs
>> for the part in question.
> ROFL - you obviously haven't been working on 802.11 for long.

Yea, I think we can take that as read.

> If you go back in the archives of the OpenBSD mailing lists,
> you will find a lot of info (and flamewars) about who is
> completely open, who is kinda open, and who is just
> stonewalling on wireless stuff (and that is mostly for x86 -
> it's worse for embedded!)

It doesn't have to be "open" as in "open source".  We could
consider a closed-source solution with an associated NDA.

> By and large the attitude is that if you're not doing windows,
> not a cell phone or ipod maker, you'd darn well better have a
> zillion units or a zillion dollars for NRE

Check "none of the above".

> or you're SOL as far as manufacturer support.

This could get interesting...

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