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Re: Any adive on using Boost++ on eCos?

Frank Pagliughi wrote:
> Papa Legba wrote:
>> Looking to switch away from VxWorks (eCos looks ideal) and at the same
>> time
>> use the Boost++ State machine classes.
> Some parts of Boost use RTTI, and many parts make heavy use of dynamic 
> memory, so even if you get it to compile and run, you could have heap 
> issues, depending on your platform.
> And the Boost state chart classes seem to have been written more for 
> completeness and compatibility with UML designs, and less for 
> efficiency. In particular, every state is an object and each state 
> change causes the destruction of the old state and the construction of 
> the new state. Every state change.
> If you're going to make heavy use of the advanced features of the state 
> chart library, it might be worth the effort, but for simpler state 
> machines, you can probably find another library that's more appropriate 
> for use with an RTOS.

Thank, you, Frank.  Yes, I am a little concerned about heap usage. I don't
like the dynamic creation & deletion of states, etc and the whole thing, on
closer investigation, seems to be hideously over-complex for my needs. 

I think that I will look for something a lot simpler and more static.

Any suggestions, anyone? 

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