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Re: Cortex port

On 2008-09-11, Robin Randhawa <> wrote:
> On Thu, 2008-09-11 at 02:44 +0000, Grant Edwards wrote:
>> On 2008-09-10, Robin Randhawa <> wrote:
>> > That's awesome. I got a very basic arch+variant+platform
>> > definition +init code and linker script going. The board I had
>> > access to was away so I started using qemu instead and that
>> > helped.
>> Wow.  Somebody added a _lot_ of ARM targets to Qemu since I
>> looked a few months ago (OK, it was probably closer to 9 months
>> ago).  I would have sworn all it emulated at the beginning of
>> the year were a couple rather old ARM9 boards.
> Yes. I think the Cortex bits were rather recent.
>> I may be working on a Cortex project soon using one of the
>> Stellaris parts, but I'll need one with an Ethernet interface.
> Then you might be interested in the Stellaris LM3S6965EVB and its
> emulation in qemu.

It looks like the LM3S6432 is the part we're going to look at
initially using the serial-to-ethernet reference design kit.
I'll have to look to see what the differences are between that
and the eval board targets.

> The emulation had some quirks - didn't pick up the main stack
> pointer from location 0 (unless I used binary images as
> opposed to ELF) but apart from that its gdb stub is a huge
> help.

The gdb-stub part sounds awfully useful.  Fighting with getting
yet-another-JTAG-interface up and running is starting to be
rather a drag.  I'm still annoyed with TI over their
spectacularly shoddy JTAG support for the MSP430.

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