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Re: Any adive on using Boost++ on eCos?

Papa Legba wrote:
Looking to switch away from VxWorks (eCos looks ideal) and at the same time
use the Boost++ State machine classes.
Keep in mind that Boost isn't a homogeneous library, but really a library of libraries, all written by different people with different goals. Some are layered on other part of the library, but many are fairly independent, and can often be used by themselves without needing to port the whole thing.

Some parts of Boost use RTTI, and many parts make heavy use of dynamic memory, so even if you get it to compile and run, you could have heap issues, depending on your platform.

And the Boost state chart classes seem to have been written more for completeness and compatibility with UML designs, and less for efficiency. In particular, every state is an object and each state change causes the destruction of the old state and the construction of the new state. Every state change.

If you're going to make heavy use of the advanced features of the state chart library, it might be worth the effort, but for simpler state machines, you can probably find another library that's more appropriate for use with an RTOS.


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