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Re: configtool in Ubuntu

Hi Simon,

Thanks, this gives me a successful build of the configtool !

Rini schreef:
Hi Rini

I tried to do the same, just a few days ago. I used the old debian packaged version before, but there are some bugs within this version, so I tried to compile a new one on Ubuntu 8.04. With some ugly hacks I got it to compile, but somehow the final application crashes for some actions. I didn't investigate further, as the tool is currently usable for what I need it for. If I have some free time in the future, I might think about a new "simpler" implementation using Tcl/Tk directly, avoiding all the platform dependent stuff. But for now, I send you the very crappy patch :) Use wxWidgets-2.6.4 to compile. Apply the patch, export ECOSDIR and WXDIR env variables and build using

make -f ${ECOSDIR}/host/tools/configtool/standalone/wxwin/Makefile WXDIR=${WXDIR} ECOSDIR=${ECOSDIR} LEVEL=release ecc wx ct

Hope that helps. If you find time to debug the said behavior, feel free to do so.

Best regards,

Rini van Zetten wrote:

Did anybody successfully build the configtool in Ubuntu 8.04 (hardy).

If so, can you send me the binary or some tips how to do.


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