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Re: Linux Synthetic target problems

Wilson wrote:
> WRT to the GDB 6.6 issue: I upgraded my Ubuntu 7.10 to Ubuntu 8.04,
> which puts gdb at 6.8 and gcc at 4.2.3. I rebuilt the synthetic target
> and examples, and I am getting the same internal gdb errors.
> Does this set up work for anybody else?
> I will try the gcc 3.4(.6) tool chain next.

Hm. I have installed Ubuntu 7.04 at work and Andrew's suggest about
-fno-stack-protector works for me. I can build the synthetic target
tests and run then with a distro's gdb.

At home I have installed same as you distro 8.04 and I was just wounder,
would I build and run the target tests in gdb 6.8-debian? No, I could
not. gdb 6.8 did crash.

I passed about one hour tuning CFLAGS (optimization and stack protector)
and changing distro's GCC/GXX: gcc-3.4.6, gcc-4.1.3, gcc-4.2.3. The gdb
6.8 crashed every time and I did remember what

Bart Veer wrote:
> > Note that this is a bug in the Ubuntu release of gdb, not in the
> > synthetic target. If you want to debug a synthetic target
> > application then you will probably have to upgrade or downgrade your
> > version of gdb.

I did follow Bart's suggest and became to test the force installed
Debian GDBs: experimental/tested/unstable/stable. No success.  All GDB
crashed. Hm. It's possible, it's a hard friday night.

> > The synthetic target is vulnerable to changes in both the Linux
> > kernel and the toolchain - compiler, linker, ... Actually all of
> > eCos is vulnerable to toolchain changes, but for most targets people
> > stick with known good toolchains they have downloaded. For the
> > synthetic target people use whatever toolchain is installed with
> > their Linux distribution. Generally that is of newer vintage than
> > the cross-compilers so more likely to show up problems.

If it is not friday I will agree with the Bart's conclusion the above,
because I tried both instaled kernels which I have at home: 2.6.24-18
and 2.6.24-19, No success. Someone said here that a stable toolchain
is not a big deal. I think what Tyler do not share this conclusion.

Tyler, if you will get the results with synthetic builds and GDB on
Ubuntu 8.04, please, enlighten me too.


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