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RE: GNU toolchains for eCos 3.0

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> Sent: Thursday, September 04, 2008 2:39 PM
> To: eCos discuss list
> Subject: Re: [ECOS] GNU toolchains for eCos 3.0
> Hello
> I think Sergei is not alone.
> Standardized tool-chain is important contribution to eCos' stability. It
> will also facilitate bug hunting by making test cases reproducible.
> I would mention that information on library versions (vxWidgets, Tcl/Tk)
> used for eCos 3.0 configuration tools is also important.
> At the end if it is not decided yet, I would suggest to get some fresh
> GCC release (4.2... or newer).
> Best regards
> Ilija

There isn't anything "magic" that ties eCos to any particular toolchain, etc.
For example, I use CodeSourcery ARM EABI at the moment.  If anything, the
newer toolchains have shown places that the code consistency could be
improved (eg. const ness of things).  There are sometimes bugs that are
somewhat obscure (eg. the linker coalescing sections that breaks the static
constructor init), but these problems are generally fairly straight forward
to find and to work around.

Just my $.02


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