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Re: GNU toolchains for eCos 3.0


I think Sergei is not alone.

Standardized tool-chain is important contribution to eCos' stability. It
will also facilitate bug hunting by making test cases reproducible.

I would mention that information on library versions (vxWidgets, Tcl/Tk)
used for eCos 3.0 configuration tools is also important.

At the end if it is not decided yet, I would suggest to get some fresh
GCC release (4.2... or newer).

Best regards

Sergei Gavrikov wrote:
> Hello
> I wonder what GNU toolchain will become a companion eCos 3.0? 
> Official toolchains for eCos 2.0 were based on GCC 3.2.1, binutils
> 2.13.1 and newlib-1.11.0. Anyone can build it from sources or download
> them from eCos centric ftp site. Many of developers use GCC 3.4.X (last
> in line is 3.4.6) or GCC 4.X.X flavors and as a result the differents
> binutils, newlib, gdb versions. In the most their toolchains are a home
> cooked (geek) things.
> Why did I ask about? If we will know the announced GNU toolchain version
> for eCos 3.0, we would build same the toolchains, test them, discuss the
> results, share the build scripts or/and patches, etc. and at the least
> clean up the build flags for our target in CDL files.
> For example, GCC-3.2.1 has compile/build options which had gone away in
> years, and the attempts to build some targets against new toolchains
> will fail.  Perhaps, it is a forced problem and eCosCentric is cooking,
> testing the new toolchains for eCos 3.0 tag just now :-). I don't know.
> Another "solution" would be an introduction some generic CDL option(s):
> either toolchain or ecos "generation" or something like it, using same
> option(s), we would more flex tune up the platform build flags in the
> platform CDL files for today and future needs.
> What does community know about?
> Thanks,
>   Sergei

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