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Re: Linux Synthetic target problems

Tyler Wilson writes:


> If this is all successful, you can then execute â./helloâ,
> â./twothreadsâor â./simple-alarmâ to test.

You will be more expessed when run those apps with '--io' command line

./twothreads --io

or beeing inside a fresh built directory for synth target fulfil:

make -C kernel/current TESTS=tests/tm_basic
./install/tests/kernel/current/tests/tm_basic --io

and yet another funny example: where is synthetic dog from?

ecosconfig new linux
ecosconfig add watchdog
ecosconfig tree
make -C io/watchdog/current tests
./install/tests/io/watchdog/current/tests/watchdog2 --io


> When I first looked at eCos, I was not thrilled by the naming scheme,
> and it was unclear to me how the system worked. The more I work it
> though, the more impressed I am in the modularity and customization
> ability of the system. Now, to build some applications...

if you noticed there is 'makefile' inside build tree (not 'Makefile'),
so you can build own Makefile for your application or project just
using these build_Make.params, build_Makefile are placed in examples
directory, same lazy example:

echo 'main(){printf("howdy!\n");}' > foo.c
SRCS=foo.c DST=foo $ECOS_REPOSITORY/../examples/build_Makefile
make -f Makefile

You see what `build_Makefile' won't overwrite eCos `makefile', but
builds `Makefile' for your application or project.

Happy eCosing,


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