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Linux Synthetic target problems

Good day,

I have been attempting to build the Linux synthetic target on what is essentially an Ubuntu 7.10 system (actually, andLinux which uses coLinux). When I get to the point of running the hello application, I get a segmentation fault. If I attempt to debug with gdb, it spits out an internal error:

This GDB was configured as "i486-linux-gnu"...
/build/buildd/gdb-6.6.dfsg/gdb/dwarf2-frame.c:1725: internal-error: decode_frame_entry_1: Assertion `fde->cie != NULL' failed.
A problem internal to GDB has been detected,

This is using GCC version 4.1.3. A co-worker got the same error on a 'pure' Ubuntu install.

FYI, I used the instructions in this post for the build:,-Segmentation-Fault:-When-attempting-to-run-%22Hello-World%27-on-Synthetic-Linux-td8250747.html

??? ecosconfig new linux default 
? ? ecosconfig tree 
? ? make

I have seen reports in other places that say the Linux kernel version may have an impact on the success of the synthetic target. On the other hand, I have seen Changelogs in CVS with notes about 'update for later GCC versions'.

Any clues welcome.

Thank you,

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