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GNU toolchains for eCos 3.0


I wonder what GNU toolchain will become a companion eCos 3.0? 

Official toolchains for eCos 2.0 were based on GCC 3.2.1, binutils
2.13.1 and newlib-1.11.0. Anyone can build it from sources or download
them from eCos centric ftp site. Many of developers use GCC 3.4.X (last
in line is 3.4.6) or GCC 4.X.X flavors and as a result the differents
binutils, newlib, gdb versions. In the most their toolchains are a home
cooked (geek) things.

Why did I ask about? If we will know the announced GNU toolchain version
for eCos 3.0, we would build same the toolchains, test them, discuss the
results, share the build scripts or/and patches, etc. and at the least
clean up the build flags for our target in CDL files.

For example, GCC-3.2.1 has compile/build options which had gone away in
years, and the attempts to build some targets against new toolchains
will fail.  Perhaps, it is a forced problem and eCosCentric is cooking,
testing the new toolchains for eCos 3.0 tag just now :-). I don't know.

Another "solution" would be an introduction some generic CDL option(s):
either toolchain or ecos "generation" or something like it, using same
option(s), we would more flex tune up the platform build flags in the
platform CDL files for today and future needs.

What does community know about?



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