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Re: Re: Cortex M3 architecture

Andrew Lunn wrote:
Hi Folks

As an eCos maintainer it is great to see people interested in a new
architecture port and it looks like people will be working together to
achieve this.

I hope so :)
One thing i should stress now, before things get going, code is
written and patches start flying around, is that in order to get the
finished code into the eCos repository you need to ensure that all
contributors have copyright assignments with the FSF.

As I just read, the copyright assignment cannot be done with the FSF yet, and instead is handled by eCosCentric? Is this situation still valid?

Getting such copyright assignments can be a long slow process. So
don't let it stop development. However you need to keep track of who
contributed what so at the end of the development work, you can show
who has developed it and that they all have copyright assignments.

So how do we get such copyright assignments? Is it sufficient to keep track of the developer names in the source files? Additionally a svn log could show who contributed to what file. Or what is needed besides?


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