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Re: Re: Cortex M3 architecture

Robin Randhawa wrote:
Hey Simon.

On Tue, 2008-09-02 at 13:33 +0200, Simon Kallweit wrote:

I still wonder what we should use as the architecture name. "armv7m" is obviously wrong, as the M1 is actually an armv6m.

I agree that any allusion to v7 isn't a good idea.

So, should the new architecture be named "cortex", or maybe "cortexm"? Any ideas are very welcome.

M1 and M3 appear to be intrinsically the same. I suppose cortex-m would
be fine. People could do variant ports as needed.

I'm currently using "cortexm" as the architecture name. May be changed later on if necessary. The port will be a very iterative process anyway.

Out of curiosity, what eval board are you using for your port ?
I have access to a LM3S6965EVB from Luminary and could chip in the
porting process.

I'm currently using an STMicroelectronics STM3210E-EVAL board with an STM32F103ZET6 controller. Would be great to see support for Luminary processors early on, as this would help get the architecture, variant, platform layering right from the beginning.

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