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Re: Re: Cortex M3 architecture

Simon Kallweit schrieb:
Andrew Lunn schrieb:
I would think that Thumb2 processors like the M3 would need to
be a different architecture than ARM. It's a different
instruction set -- isn't that what defines an architecture?

With ARM it is all a bit messy. eg some of the processors support thumb2 as an add on, just like the support thumb. For such processors, you could add thumb2 support to the existing ARM architecture, with the understanding that all interrupt handling is done in the good old ARM instruction set. However user code could be in thumb/thumb2.

For the Cortex M processors you cannot do this, so a new architecture
is needed when you _only_ have thumb/thumb2.
So, I guess we should introduce a new architecture named "armv7m". I think this makes sense as we can then support both M3 and M1 as variants. What do you think?

I still wonder what we should use as the architecture name. "armv7m" is obviously wrong, as the M1 is actually an armv6m. So, should the new architecture be named "cortex", or maybe "cortexm"? Any ideas are very welcome.


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