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Re: Fwd: AT91SAM7X-EK with TC/IP - unresolved conflicts

On Mon, 01 Sep 2008 11:36:43 +0200, Andrew Lunn <> wrote:

I never said that. I just said the FreeBSD stack will not work. The lwip stack has been shown to work on the AT91SAM7X. Go google lwip.

running through ecosconfig new at91sam7xek lwip_eth
etc. seems to work. But when I try to build my previously working projects, flash support is no longer available and the cor. calls produce errors (e. g. a call to flash_program)

On the other hand, when attempting to configure the same thing using configtool, there are 5 conflicts the tool is not able to resolve. From a first look at the ecc-file, it seems to be a problem that somewhere a restriction for the AT91SAM7S is required. Any adice how to overcome this hurdle?

Is RPC supported by ecos?

RPC is too generic a word. Do you mean Suns RPC used by NFS, RFC 1057? Do you mean XML-RPC like Do you mean COBRA?

Out of the box eCos supports none of these. However you could port
something or write your own RPC code.

I am talking about RFC 1831 (which is the successor of 1057). I have built a small example using Suns rpcgen-tool and it worked fine using two linux-PCs linked by ethernet. Now the next step would be to port the serverapp to my AT91SAM7X target. The 2nd step then would be to "expand" this little server app to handle the routines my app requires - by hand or using e. g. rpcgen-produced templates. Is this a realistic scenario?

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