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Re: Cortex M3 architecture

On 2008-09-01, <> wrote:
> Andrew Lunn wrote:
>>> I wonder if the other Cortex variants (A8, A9, R4, M1) should
>>> be considered for porting from the beginning. My focus is
>>> clearly on the M3, but if anyone is willing to work on the
>>> other variants this should be considered now.
>> Have you seen any documents which compares/contrasts the
>> different Cortex variants. Before answering your question it
>> is necessary to know how similar/different the different
>> variants are.
> No I haven't really. All I know is that the variants all have
> very different application profiles. A series being mostly for
> complex OS and applications, R series for more complex
> embedded applications and the M series for deeply embedded
> applications. A & R also support normal Thumb and ARM
> instructions. Perhaps someone else can give some insight?

I would think that Thumb2 processors like the M3 would need to
be a different architecture than ARM.  It's a different
instruction set -- isn't that what defines an architecture?
Whether the A and R series would fit best under an ARM
architecture or a Thumb2 architecture, I won't hazard a guess
(I've only studied the M3).


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