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Re: Looking in a future: VCS for eCos 3.0

On 2008-09-01, Marcos Del Puerto <> wrote:

> Of course that eCos centric has to choose the VCS that best
> fits their likes and requirements,

Why do you say that?  eCos does not belong to eCosCentric.

> but does eCos really need a distributed VCS?


> I do not know how eCos is developed but I do not think there
> are eCos development groups sparse around the globe who commit
> frecuently changes?

Yes, there are developers outside eCosCentric.

> Has eCos centric outsourced parts of the development kernel to
> other companies?

You seem to be under the impression that eCos is the property
of eCosCentric.  The FSF holds the copyrights to eCos, and some
development goes on outside of eCosCentric.

I'd probably vote for Subversion, except for the fact that
Subversion is what we use internally.  Since subversion treats
the CVS directory and its contents as normal files, it's rather
handy the way it is.  I can check out a source tree from CVS
and then check it into Subversion (CVS directories and all).
Merging in changes from the "official" tree is simply a
matter of doing a "cvs update" followed by an "svn commit".
At any time I can do either a "cvs diff" or an "svn diff".

Still, if the consensus was to move to Subversion for eCos, I
wouldn't complain.


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