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Re: Assert in at91rm9200_i2c.c

On Mon, Sep 01, 2008 at 02:40:20AM -0700, Tim Hatton wrote:
> Hi all,
> We've been developing an application on our own board which is based on the
> AT91RM9200. The eCos config is closely based on that for the AT91RM9200-EK
> and uses the I2C driver from that board to connect to an ADC (for monitoring
> voltage, current, temp etc).
> This basically appears to work fine but when I have eCos Asserts turned on I
> very occasionally get the
> following assertion:
> ASSERT FAIL: <5>at91rm9200_i2c.c[101]at91rm9200_i2c_isr() I2C driver error:
> OVRE without RXRDY
> Could anybody give me some advice about what, from an application point of
> view, could cause this sort of behaviour, or what sort of things I should be
> thinking about?
> Any assistance would be greatly appreciated,
> regards,
> Tim

There is no i2c driver in the open source version of eCos, at least
none that i know of. I suspect you have the closed source code from
eCosCentric? That probably also means you have a support contract?  So
i would suggest making use of your support contract, you have payed
for it, and ask them....


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