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Re: [docbook] Braille

On Friday 22 April 2005 19:23, Dave Pawson wrote:
> Comment (with i18N hat on).
> Yes, xml to braille does a job. For those in the USA.
> It would really tee off a braille reader the UK, or Europe or
> elsewhere.
> Reason. Braille, unlike XML, is locale specific.
> My braille ain't your braille.

Yes, I see your point. I do remember reading about this issue. While not an 
xml2brl is not currently an optimum solution for all braille dialects it does 
the job for me in this specific instance where the customer is American. This 
said I can well forsee a requirement to change the dialect in the future.

Not knowing as much as you on this subject, but would it not just make sense 
to add support for the various dialects to xml2brl? It is afterall very good 
and is open source. Just thinking that this may be an alternate and faster 
route of development.
Sean Wheller
Technical Author
Registered Linux User #375355

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