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Re: [docbook] DocBook and Publishing Software

The XSL-FO add-on for Serna is Antenna House's XSL Formatter.  The XSL-FO
feature in Oxygen is using FOP.  So you need to compare the quality of
output as well as the price.  XSL Formatter gives you better quality than

In Serna (without the XSL-FO option), you can easily plug in any XSL-FO
processor.  I set it up to work with XEP, for example, and setting up FOP
would not be much different.  And the XSL-FO processor can use the full
DocBook XSL stylesheets when you are using the "Publishing" feature, which
means generating PDF or HTML.  The DocBook stylesheets that ship with Serna
are optimized for screen display, and would not be that good for printed

Because Serna uses XSL-FO to format the editing view, customizations you
create for print can often be used in the screen display as well.  The
screen formatter doesn't support all of XSL-FO, so you may have to adapt the
customization a bit.  But you can get the on-screen display to look quite a
bit like the printed output.

Bob Stayton
Sagehill Enterprises
DocBook Consulting

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From: "Scott L. Holmes" <>
To: "Melanie Kendell" <>;
Sent: Friday, April 22, 2005 11:17 AM
Subject: Re: [docbook] DocBook and Publishing Software

> --- Melanie Kendell <>
> wrote:
> >(Scott - I don't see why you would
> > need another XML editor
> > - ie Oxygen - to work with it).
> In regards to Syntext Serna:
> Serna ships with XSLT that is "based" on the
> Docbook XSLTs. There is some work needed to bring
> Serna's sheets up to speed in as far as Serna's
> rendering.
> Keep in mind that PDF rendering in Serna is an
> add-on and a pricey one at that unless you want
> to role your own.
> The rendering out of the box is to Serna Print
> which although is very nice it is not incredible
> like the pdf rendering in Oxygen and the Docbook
> XSLT. Oxygen also has a capable XSLT debugger.
> Oxygen _and_ Serna is lovely.
> Scott
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