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RE: [docbook] DocBook and Publishing Software

On Thu, 2005-04-21 at 13:42 -0700, Steve Whitlatch wrote:

> * On-screen display in Epic Editor is controlled for most Epic users with FOSI.
Is that true? I know it used to be. One of the comments from this Walsh
character, years ago, was 'Who needs steenkin FOSI'
  but that was before XSLT and XSL-FO, back in the days of DSSSL.
I had Epic out for a months trial and never saw a hint of FOSI.

> * XSL-FO is the way to go for print composition, and that is true regardless of
> the editor or authoring environment. The DocBook XSL package is very good.
> DocBook XML, DocBook XSL, and Epic Editor go together very well.
And Epic has xsl-fo support.

> * But what about online display and formatting rules for print composition?
If you're authoring in docbook... where's the issue?
  With this list, Bob if you get really picky, I can't see what else
you'd want?

> * One solution is to use DocBook XML and DocBook XSL, GNU Emacs, libxml2+XSL+XEP
> for formatting (PostScript, HTML, Help, PDF, etc.), and get one of the experts
> on this list to set it all up. That may be the cheapest and the best. For sure,
> it would give you the most freedom.

I'd buy that. Pro setup. Just that the OP's authors may flip when
offered emacs Steve!

regards DaveP

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