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Re: [docbook] Software Review: InDesign + DocBook

On Thursday 21 April 2005 20:04, David White wrote:

> So I've been asked to make a report on possible replacements to
> framemaker to make docbook compliant XML files which we will use with
> XSL-FO to output to PDF.

> My stance is that the software isnt ready yet.  There isn't a
> replacement to framemaker yet that does XML / DocBook better. 

XML-based DTP is still something for the geek, indeed.  I would advice (as I 
do it myself) to use the best tool for each job:

- Frame (yet) where the layout (and the speed of using it) count, and

- XXE or Serna (I use both) where multilanguage output and roundtripping 

What PDF renderer do you intend to use? Calculate that XEP or Antennahouse 
come with a price tag - but you can't do good typography without them (FOP 
isn't there, yet). From my experience I know that at least XEP supports the 
full Unicode range.

> However, 
> there are some suggested packages for obtaining the output that we need.

> These have some of the features, anything thats commandline or linux
> based or overly technical is out.  We dont have programmers we have
> authors so we are trying to stick to a WYSWYG solution, to which the
> above packages adhere too.

You won't find a 100% solution in any editor, so I wouldn't put all my eggs in 
one basket.

klaus e. werner

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