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Re: [docbook] Integrating DocBook with mySQL content...

On Thu, 2005-04-21 at 13:04 -0500, wrote:
> I am currently using FrameMaker to produce huge volumes of technical
> documentation. I publish primarily to PDF at this point, and these files
> get distributed through the web and several other methods.
> Many of my publications are nearly identical except for specific product
> specifications which reside in a mySQL database. So, it's an ideal
> environment to match a template with specifications being pulled from the
> database and integrated into the text.
> I haven't touched DocBook yet, but I'm wondering if there is a DocBook or
> other XML-oriented solution available. I'm thinking along the lines of
> creating one DocBook template and having variables within the template
> that attaches to a datasource (mySQL in my case), and pull specs into the
> DocBook file. This would be my "Holy Grail" of solutions, especially if I
> could then output to HTML and PDF.
> Any thoughts on possible solutions? If DocBook isn't a part of the answer,
> that's OK with me too. Are any of you aware of any other XML tools
> available that do this type of thing aside from developing a custom PHP
> application?

This is a possibility, not a solution.

Could XSLT, as part of your workflow,
pick up the database boilerplate text, and use it with the docbook xslt,
to provide your PDF output via xsl-fo?

Either directly, or via some java interface to the database
(says he, just having done a mysql to java piece today :-)

regards DaveP

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